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Our proprietary cloud based availability search tools leverage the latest Internet technologies to quickly support patients in transition; built by Elder Care professionals, for Elder Care professionals.

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  • Comprehensive Availability Search
    • Patient Care Requirements
    • Insurance Coverage
    • INTERACT™ Compatible9
  • Medicare.gov Measures of Care Metrics3 and Ratings1 5
  • Availability Bulletin Board
Skilled Facility - Nursing, Admissions & Marketing
Assisted Living - Admissions & Marketing
Home Health Agency - Onboarding & Marketing
Private Duty Agency - Onboarding & Marketing

  • Real Time Availability Census/Resource Tool
    • Comprehensive Features and Services
    • Insurance Coverage
  • Single Click Availability Contact Inquiry
  • Detailed Provider Descriptions and Real Time Notes
  • Internet Marketing
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1Medicare.gov Provider Info; Overall Rating
3e.g., Medicare.gov Measures of Rehospitalization, Emergency Room Visit, and Community Discharge; Measure Reference 523; Percentage of short-stay residents who were successfully discarged to the community
5Medicare.gov Home Health Provider Info; Overall Patient Survey Rating
9 Select INTERACT™ 'Nursing Home Capabilities' are used to supplement the broader ElderAssist.com list of searchable features and services as presented by subscribing Elder Care providers. For additional information on INTERACT™ including access to their free clinical tools visit http://interact.fau.edu.