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ElderAssist is not a referral or placement service. We are not paid based on any arrangement involving any patient care decisions.

Our skilled nursing availability data is managed directly and interactively with long term care providers. We constantly monitor availability and reach out to providers both via call center and electronically to help provide the most up to date information. We also monitor professional searches and adjust our calling and email patterns to align with needs in a particular area.

Our availability network is FREE to all providers, including all searchable patient care terms. Providers have the option to use our direct connect email and sms technology as well as provide additional non-patient care details for a monthly subscription.

*Providers who subscibe to our Complete subscription will have branded listings and additional details on the search results pages. 1Medicare.gov Provider Info; Overall Rating
3e.g., Medicare.gov Measures of Rehospitalization, Emergency Room Visit, and Community Discharge; Measure Reference 522; Percentage of short-stay residents with outpatient ER visit post nursing stay.
5Medicare.gov Home Health Provider Info; Overall Patient Survey Rating
9 Select INTERACT™ 'Nursing Home Capabilities' are used to supplement the broader ElderAssist.com list of searchable features and services as presented by subscribing Elder Care providers. For additional information on INTERACT™ visit https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3921692/.